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Posted by Tdblitz0 - August 24th, 2017

Why I took down the intriguingmovietitle:

I made a movie with what was winning 'daily first' on newgrounds circa 2002-2004: video game jokes, non sequitors, and online video game humour. About 4 years later a bunch of stuff happened that put the slam on everything and put an end to my flash 'career' if you can call it that; I didnt make alot of movies and I wasnt very famous.

Thinking back to the month I took it down, I was more than prepared to be constantly shamed and derided for that cheap win, But like alot of people who've had their accounts deleted, I didnt want my handle to be permanently associated with it; When newgrounds was asking for a name change, I believe my name was "xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx". Within the year I changed my IRC, AIM and MSN handles several times.

Many of the things in the intriguingmovietitle are well over 10 years old; I have a really hard time reflecting on something I no longer associate with; I no longer make flash movies or play as much half-life or nexustk as I used to.Talking about this is a pretty ugly subject as well; the internet's a funny place where your internet debating skills are only as nearly as good as your 'google-fu'. I'm not a fan of something said being twisted mercilessly into something else, or something taken out of context.

Near the end, someone left a comment about how "this sprite movie did not deserve a high score"; it never did, that was the point. Under the short description box, I wrote "The author doesn't know what this is, but he tried for daily feature and it won". So instead of watching this lame inside joke writhe under many better scoring submissions, I decided to pull the movie at a score of 4.16 and delete my account; back then you had to email tom or wade to have your account deleted

Ive had plans to reupload the movie to newgrounds, and be a little less 'brown-nosey' to the people who inspired it, one of which whom has since died (RIP Rob noon), but I haven't had the time to edit the credits, or find a machine that will publish 16,000 frames properly. 

So thats my deal; Nexus will always be a terrible game, the intriguingmovietitle will always be funny, and no amount of whining will bring the movie back to newgrounds, but if you ask nicely, I will make a megaupload link for you.

P.S. The intro to the intriguingmovietitl was derided and immortalized in arfenhouse 6 and im truly happy about that :')

Anyone who says they're me contrary to the above is full of absolute shit

Thank you.


Comments (2)

Hi. Yes. I attempted to redeem my coupon in 2003. You responded "Shit dude! we're outta stock! the demand was so fucking high, it was horrible! We'll send one to you immediately, once new ones ship in! "
And.. well.. I never got one. Do your accounting people keep track of these sorts of things? That is a blam sir. Blam you very much!

I had been looking for it for years and only recently did I remember what it was called. I just wanna say thanks for the memories and I really thought it deserved a daily feature for sure.

What I'm trying to say is that its the one thing missing in my collection and nothing could fill that void more than a copy of that flash. Please let me see it one more time by kindly posting a link. I promise I'll be good with it forever.

I'd really appreciate it.